• 9 days ago

    doctors can't find a diagnosis

    Hello Everyone,

    My friend is very sick and has been for the past two years and the doctors are unable to find a diagnosis for him and he is wasting away. Here are his symptoms....
    Fatigue, s.o.b, weak, dizziness, tires after full 8hrs.
    Pain throughout body (like a sunburn inside and out), sensitivity to cold and heat alike. Swelling, bloating, gassy, nausea, vomiting, rapid weight loss, been trying to eat regularly, taking supplements and ensure to try and gain.
    Extremely itchy skin all over, sharp pains throughout his whole body at random, spots that like a hot knife cutting into his flesh then quickly goes away just as fast as it came.
    heart palpitations and increased anxiety.
    I was thinking celiac disease but the doctors have ruled that out he says but I feel that it is hard thing to diagnose from what I have read.
    Please help anyone because my friend is wasting away.
    They have done all of the tests like a cat scan, MRI, endoscopy, colonoscopy, ultrasound tests, iodine tests.