• 5 months ago

    Myseriouse stomach issue,desperate for answers,and a cure,help!!!

    Hello to all,so I'm having a serious problem,if anyone can help me with.every other morning,and sometimes at night,I'll be awakened out of my sleep,to a nightmare,and when I finally wake up from,my heart is always elevated,beat profusely/rappid/racing,and I'll get out of bed,and try to calm down,and then one day it happened,and after I awakened to a rappid heart beat,I noticed I was severally bloated,I looked like I was nine months pregnant,so I've came to the conclusion,that the rappid heart rate I've been having while I'm asleep,is connected to my bloated stomach.ive had h.pylorie 2 times in my life,the last time i had it,it left me missing 7 to 9 different good bacterias in my stomach.ive tried many different strains of probiotics,to no availability,the reason I no I'm missing,or in the red on these different bacterias is because,I sent off and had a comprehensive stool test done,by a company called uBiome.ive had numerous EKGs ,I also had a stress test done,they said all my problems,is below the sternome,my GI DR said,it's IBS,and that I had a very sensitive stomach,I asked him about me waking up bloated,folled by a racing heart,he said,maybe my stomach,is pushing on my diaphram,from being severally bloated,I can probably deal with the bloating,but being bloated in your sleep,and waking up to a rappid heart rate,is very scary.this all started off and on,in 2014 and my last bout with h,pylori,I got a hold,of a company called sungenomics,the do comprehensive stool testing,and prescibes customized probiotics,but the sequencing of your microbiome takes 6 to 8 weeks to be sequenced,so I'm patiently waiting,hopping and praying,that God blesses me,to finally be cured,and find some real relief with my unique situation/problem.i once got treated by a Holistic Dr,he said that I had candida albicans,because I failed the,spit in a glass of water test,so he treated me with Nystatin for 2 months,no carbs just meat and veggies,it worked temporarily,after i stated back eating carbs,symtoms came back,so I went back to him,this time he said,it's back,we have to treat it more aggressively,and this time it was,Nystatin followed with caprilyc acid caps,and a bunch of other crap,and this is when I started waking up not only bloated,but now bloated followed by a fast heart rated,I no that one of IBS symptoms are bloating,and I've read that one can also have heart pelps/rappid heart beats,but waking up to a fast heart rate,and being bloated at the same time,is a monster,I most of the time,have to sleep sitting up.i have no more gastritis/duodonal ulceres/ inflammation,after 20 years of having it,while on acid reducers,now it's switched to IBS,my endoscopy showed nothing,I desperately need some answers,if anyone out there,can provide me with some,as I've been suffering along time with this issue,i will deffinately be gratefull,thanks for reading my post,God Bless,Mike!!!