• 12 days ago

    Stomach hurts if I don't drink water with everything, even other drinks!

    Hello, I was hoping someone would have some ideas or advice for me about what might be going on with my stomach....

    For the past several years, I absolutely have to drink water with everything I ingest. This is even true for other drinks (almost more true, actually, now that I think about it...). If I drink anything without sipping water inbetween, or go even a couple of hours without taking in some water, I get a stomach ache AND/OR that queasy feeling like I am about to throw up. Often, it is both!


    I know some will want to know if anything unusual has happened,etc. The only thing I can think of is that I went abroad to India a few years ago and ended up with "viral fever" which gave me a stomach infection. I went to a doctor there, and he said I had a stomach infection (my stomach would burn like fire if I ate anything or especially if I drank any water! If I stood up, it felt like someone punched me in the stomach.) He gave me antibiotics (I guess...?) and it cleared up eventually....

    My dad always had stomach issues and I can remember him drinking water with his coffee in the morning. He did not do it all day though....

    If I don't drink water all day, my mouth will also become very dry and almost burns, is the only way I can describe.

    I have been checked for diabetes and do not have it.

    I have no stomach pain when I eat.
    I am female, mid-30s.
    I eat a pretty healthy diet, drink very little alcohol, do not smoke, or use drugs, and have really had no health problems.
    I take no medications.

    I have searched this problem on the internet and cannot find anything, nor did I see any previous posts about anything like it on WebMD. Any light you can shed is appreciated. This has really become a source of annoyance and often inconvenience for me (i.e., while traveling, backpacking, working) to constantly have to be sipping water.
    If I could get rid of it, or decrease it at least, that would be great. But if not, I'd really just like to know what is causing it.

    Thank you so much.