• 9 months ago

    mystery ailment?

    hello. have already tried symptom checker and ask Doctor app. no one seems to have answer so, third try a charm...I hope. was admitted in hospital May 10 for rectal bleeding. all tests & labs came back normal & negative. all blood work proved regular. blood count normal. colonoscopy next day came back negative. no cancer, tumor or csyst found. two weeks later, experienced testicular bleeding with bouts of blood in stool and phlem. frequent fatigue & weakness have also accompanied my medical issue. my PCP is baffled. my cardiologist confirms not cardiac-related. medical team who treated my rectal bleeding at a loss. am afraid to think I maybe carrying new strain of virus yet to be undiscovered. ebola is still active as late as May 2019. hoping somebody out there in medical community or scholar medicine has solution or answer. thank you. (have history of heart & diabetic issues and taking multiple meds)