• 9 months ago

    Searching for help

    Hi I'm hoping someone can help or have the same problem and can give me ideas off what can help me I've had this condition for 9 years and been to so many hospital and noone can find out what it is I've had many tests and all can back ok now the problem I have is I go toilet a hell off a lot about 9 years ago I was on a injection called humria for my skin and after 6 months I noticed a slight change in my bowel movements and was told to take a coupe off loperimide and u be alright then after a year I walk up one night and that was it chronic diarrhoea and had it ever since now and then I get pain in my left side and now I have to take 60 loperimide tablets just to have a day out otherwise I cannot do anything apart form staying in and going toilet please I will answer any questions I just need help many thanks in advance