• 16 days ago

    Stomach Problem

    Hello everyone, I've been suffering for awhile now from stomach problems. It's mostly all nausea. Mostly after I eat. I've gotten a colonoscopy and endoscopy and they both came back clean. I've seemed to notice that every couple months after eating something that doesn't agree with me, I feel super nauseous and sick for the next 3-4 days. I've gotten prescribed Ondansetron and that seems to help. Seems that every couple months I get a flare up after eating something that doesn't quite agree with me. Again, doctors have done those two tests and both came back clean. I was just wondering if anyone ever experienced anything like this. I do stress a lot and that can cause my stomach to hurt at points, but I feel it's more medical than psychological. I've researched everywhere online and I've seemed to come up with Gastritis or IBS, but I figured doctors would be able to see that from my two tests done.