• 1 month ago

    Mild gastrointestinal reflux

    Recently i was diagnosed with mild gerd??? My symptoms started november and ended?? January i was 18 at the time . It started with me waking up my tongue feeling swollen, the next day my stomach was absolutely killing me and i felt nasueas and bloated. I also got super tired at the same exact times which was 12:00 pm to 4 :00 pm and couldn't keep my eyes open by 6:00 pm also the shortness of breath and being weak from not being able to eat anything without my stomach hurting (and being scared to eat) once i went to the E.R and they diagnosed me, i went ham on my diet i had a schedule on when to eat, i was picky about what i ate, little portions, no dairy, aloe vera and i always ate sitting down and would wait 2 hours before lying down (i would sit 3 hours after having dinner) i even wrote down what i ate and if it made my stomach hurt or not. And then by January 12 2019 i took the leap since i was feeling better after i took one of my medications which was the prilosec didn't take the pepcid.(still bloating though and my throat still felt odd) and ate korean bbq and i was perfectly fine the next day. Anyway i still had this weird feeling in my throat,a shortness of breath and my face and neck feeling swollen. Got a endoscopy results came back they said i do have mild gerd, went to the E.R for a CT scan and it showed i have salivary gland infection. I was under the impression that gerd was untreatable and that i would have to be eating vegan for life, am i cured or could it come back, could it be possible that my breathing troubles and bloating are because I'm eating whatever i want now?