• 26 days ago

    Hemorrhoid external

    Hi there!

    I just noticed yesterday that around my anus that it was a little itchy and then when I looked there I saw a little skin tag looking thing coming out of my anus. It doesnt hurt when I go to the bathroom it is just kind of uncomfortable and feels like there is something in there. I believe it is an internal hemorrhoid that has prolapsed but I am questioning when the right time to go to the doctor would be if I just noticed this yesterday? I called my doctor and they were not in today but online I saw that prolapsed hemorrhoids are able to be pushed back in, mine can be but then it just comes back out. It is bigger than what is showing when I look though. Sorry for the too much information I am just deciding if I should take off of work.

    Thank you.


  • 14 days ago

    RE: Hemorrhoid external

    You have to check this out properly without delay since it may lead to other issues such as bleeding and local cancer cells/tumour. Normally MRI and CT Scan as well as full blood count followed by surgical removal is necessary so as the haemorrhoid does not get any bigger. This is a common issue and treatable.
  • 13 days ago

    RE: Hemorrhoid external

    This happens to me all the time I know it's been a while since your post I have a few things I do to get rid of this issue