• 9 days ago

    I want to be FREED!

    For the past 15yrs I’ve been unable to freely have any normal and painless bowel movements.
    For starters, I don’t take pain medications that would constipate me, I am a sickle cell patient, I drink water a lot, try to eat healthy along with exercise and stay away from stressful people and things. It seems like over the years, my bowel moments have gotten worse and up till now it’s seems like they won’t move on their own! I get bloated, irritable, sluggish, don’t want to be around people, lack of energy, my vision stays blurry, the inside of my mouth breaks out, sometimes I get headaches and I have a brownish color discharge from my vagina. I’ve given all of this information to my primary and the GI doctors I’ve seen and they can’t seem to find anything wrong with me. I’m at a point where I’m a little scared of what might happen to me if I don’t get this resolved soon and I need an experts opinion and help...