• 16 days ago

    Extreme weight loss!! Was Injured In Major Car Accident!!

    Hi so November 1, 2018 at 6:40am a man ran a stop sign and hit my passenger side door. (I was the passenger) Resulting in the SUV flipping 8 times. Cut from the car due to neck injuries. Am currently still in therapy, and slowly recovering. I have 7 herniated Disks in my back. 3 in my high back, 3 in my lower back, and one in mid back. I was 146” before the wreck. And today I am 120”. It’s been 4 months. I’ve completely lost my appetite, i love to eat&healthy. My stools are quite runny and send me running to the loo. Family has a history of thyroid problems. Having blood work done tomorrow. I can feel my body starting to become less. In every way. And I’m only 23! I use to live a very active lifestyle. Due to the accident I can’t work. Due to appetite loss in struggling with anemia.