• 2 months ago


    I was diagnosed with GERD H.Pylori and Barrets Esophagus a few months ago. For the past 5 months I’ve been dealing with constant pain in my chest back abdomin and shoulders. The pain fluctuates from place to place and some days are better than others.

    Before being diagnosed I had a very hard time digesting food, to the point were I couldn’t swallow and would instantly reflux food back up. Since getting on the omperazale my symptoms have gotten better but I still have pain. Some days are worse than others but I truly can’t fgiure out what triggers it. I’ve switched my diet up cut things like fried food and coffee out and it doesn’t help. I’ve quit smoking for a month now and still have pain. The only thing that seems to help is if I eat very small portions of food. I’m talking only a few bites. I’ve tried doing this but I truly can’t. I get hungry and I eat a little more than a few bites and I feel terrible again.

    I already took antibiotics for H.Pylori and I feel like the omperazale has helped with the reflux since I don’t spit up food that often anymore. I don’t eat bad but I don’t seem to be getting better than I am now. Anyone have something like this and found some relief?


  • 28 days ago

    RE: GERD!!!

    Sorry i dont have any answers but i am going through the exact same thing now. I was 1st put on lansoprazole over a year ago which helped for quite a while, I then started feeling run down again. I had pressure then in my chest and upper stomach so ended up on 80mg omeprazole a day for a week, that went away. But I am now still struggling with eating to a point just like you I can only have tiny amounts and I'm left hungry still, if I over eat I then burp food and water back up and feel extremely run down,weak, then gives me anxiety and depression because of how it's making me feel.. if you get any answers could you let me know? I will be sure to do the same for you. Hope you get answers and results soon and feel better. I understand, it's ruining my life completely