• 6 months ago

    Stomach, chest and back pain HELP!

    I have been experiencing stomach, chest and back pain for over a month now. The first sign/symptom was chest pain that I remember developing on New Years Eve. It was so bad that I wound up going to the ER the next day. The chest pain radiates all over the chest area to my back. I wound up going to the ER two times specifically for chest pain over the last month or so. X-rays, EKG's and bloodwork all came out fine and I was sent home.

    It now feels like the exact center of my chest where the sternum is and right under it is very tender and not fun to press on. I went to the emergency room again yesterday for a new pain that was a stinging in my belly button area. It has been pretty constant for a few days now. I had a catscan with some sort of dye injection as well as a chest x ray and blood work. The ER doctor said everything was perfect in all diagnostic tests aside from a Diverticuli pocket he saw on the catscan but he said it wasn't infected or anything. What could this be? Would they have seen gallstones on the catscan with that dye? I had an h.pylori infection back in 2013 and it kind of felt like this but less intense. It was more so just heartburn. Could this be a recurrence? Do I have to get an endoscopy? I have severe anxiety over this and am in so much pain. I don't know who to go to. What will a gastro doctor do for this since a catscan and bloodwork was already taken? Do I have to get an endoscopy?