• over 1 year ago

    Excruciating upper mid abdominal pain.

    Starting a couple months ago, out of no where I’ve had insane upper mid abdominal pain. Like some of the most excruciating pain I’ve ever had. I’ve dealt with some pretty intense pain from a motorcycle accident I broke out over half my teeth, dislocated my jaw, ripped one of my thumbs almost completely off, broke a few bones, etc so I can deal with pain. I’ve talked to doctors and they say it’s gastritis or IBS or possibly even an ulcer. I don’t know. I should mention I am also on MAT (medicated assisted treatment) for opioid use. I take Subutex which has its own fun side effects. One being constipation. Anyway all this has a point I’m not just rambling on about myself. This new stomach pain makes me live almost 100% in a state of panic. Which in turn makes the stomach pain worse. I have dealt with acid reflux most of my adult life and take Prilosec daily.

    I’ll try to describe it; it’s dead center under that dip in the sternum. It’s like a gnawing burning pain. It starts by feeling like I drank to much sweet alcohol or girly beer. And from there it will intensify to kind of a stabbing pain. Sometimes it will go away completely. Sometimes I can go a whole day without the pain. But that is rare. During the morning/afternoon it isn’t as bad it’s there but tolerable at night tho...that’s when it gets bad. It kind of feels like I am clenching my stomach muscle constantly. You know how you do when you tighten it up to see your abs lol. I’m a skinny dude so it not from me sucking in my gut. It drives me crazy. Sometimes if I lay down and relax and just chill to some meditation music and relax it seems to go away and it seems to get worse when I’m stressed. So I have no idea what to think. I feel like it could be an ulcer or ibs or a combination of things related to constipation and stress. Sometimes if I can pass gas or a bowel movement it helps the pain go away.

    I don’t have insurance that’s why I haven’t been able to go to a doctor to have labs done yet. I’ve applied but in the mean time I just try my best to deal with it.