• 5 months ago


    I have suffered from indigestion gerd since I became pregnant in 2016. After I was discharged from the hospital I was on the cardiac floor for such severe pain the dr ended up giving me 40mg of protonix and dx me with Gerds the medication did help and I eventually got off the medication. My whole pregnancy I was sick and didn't eat much so after once I was feel better I went back to eating whatever. Recently May 2018 my symptoms have came back I have been so sick some days. October 2018 got a scope done that showed gastritis and esophagus erosions the dr has given me 40 mg of protonix 2x a day. My symptoms are on and off some days very severe for instance today whole up felt nauseous ended up dry heaving and throwing up bile. The pills did work at one point recently seemed like they have stopped working. I recently had another scope done with bravo which measure your ph I have not got that test results back yet . I can barely eat and scared to eat because the heart burn gets so bad. My regular md did give me carafate to take which does help a little but I'm still dealing with these severe horrible symptoms I don't know what to do anymore !! I have totally changed my way of eating also since about August nothing greasy at all and I know all the foods to stay away from yet I'm still having trouble and no relief I'm looking for anyone who can try and help me get some relief I feel weak from not eating I can't function with this pain :(