• 1 month ago

    Abdominal pain

    Ok back in October I was on a high antibiotic. I have acid reflux, but had no symptoms or issues. The antibiotic and stress caused me to get this warm feeling where your esophagus meets your stomach. I got really sick, and my stomach got this heavy feeling. so I went to bed early. I felt well enough to change positions. So I turned over on my back. Still had the heavy feeling in my stomach. Just as I was about to doze off asleep. I guess my body relaxed because I jerked and came forward alittle bit when I did I felt a pop where your esophagus meets your stomach. It felt tender so I thought I pulled a muscle but when I rolled over I could feel acid coming up from my stomach. My mouth began to burn and my throat has stayed red and irritated. I have had countless test done except for a swallow test and nothing has been found. I have constant abdominal pain in the area where I felt the pop. My reflux has been worse ever since. Is this a hernia? I’m at a loss and in so much pain.