• over 2 years ago

    Not sure if I just have traveller's diarrhea or something more serious like Crohn's disease

    I have recently travelled to Indonesia from Canada and I've been here for a week. I should add that I was born in Indonesia but left the country for the US when I was 3 years old and I have came back to visit on 3 other separate occasions - when I was 5 years old for 3 weeks, 9 years old for 3 weeks (this was shortly after I moved to Canada), 17 years old for 7 weeks. I am now 26 years old.

    For the first three days my bowel movement seemed normal but then after eating some salad with lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, red peppers and some broccoli - more than just an amount for a side on the second and third day (since I would eat this from time to time in Canada) I started to feel stomach pain and suddenly I had uncontrollable, sudden urge nasty diarrhea the on the fourth day and have been getting milder diarrhea since then including the time of this writing. I've never experienced diarrhea or any bowel disorder during my previous visits and I believe it has to do with the vegetables I have eaten, as I have never had a salad in Indonesia (in the past I've only eaten cooked vegetables if any at all here). I did wash them intensively before slicing them up but I have read that I should've stayed away from uncooked vegetables altogether due to poor sanitation and whatnot here. For the past four days I have stayed away from spicy food, fried food, dairy products, fruits, and fruit juice.

    Since it seems likely I have traveller's diarrhea from some bacteria (ecoli?) I would like to know if there's something more serious going on like Crohn's disease. The only symptoms I have are on and off stomach pain and diarrhea that's not as bad as the first day and more controllable but still more liquid than it should (no fever, no vomiting, no loss of appetite, although not sure about weight loss). Also when I do take a dump it comes out smoothly with little forcd and my anus does not feel pain afterward. I do plan on going to the hospital near me (I'm in urban Bandung) and seeing a doctor maybe looking into a colonoscopy but I want to get as much insight and opinions as possible. Thanks.