• 9 months ago

    I finally beat GERD

    I was diagnosed with GERD and was treated by 2 GI’s and an ENT for 3 months with no success(had an endoscopy as well). I was put on 40MG of Prilosec with moderate relief, but still had constant flareups. When I tell you I was absolutely miserable that is an understatement. It was not until I actually was referred to a natural product from my acupuncturist that I found 100% relief. Medi Herb HiPep M1335 actually controls the natural functioning of the esophagael sphincter. Without the sphincter muscle functioning there will always be acid relfuxing back into your esophagus from the stomach. Does not matter how strong the proton pump inhibitors are (that does not control the underlying issue, it just treats the symptoms). If the sphincter muscle does not close properly you will always have acid leaking back into your throat creating irritiation. Trust me when I tell you this, it provides “INSTANT RELIEF” I recently ran out of it, and my symptoms, came right back. I just started using it again, and it went away within hours. This supplement is simply a Godsend!. All sufferers please give this a try. The best thing it is all natural!!


  • 8 months ago

    RE: I finally beat GERD

    I have been on protonix 40mg 2x a day and Hardly any relief !! I also take carafate to help but I'm still in a lot pain can barely eat where can you buy this supplement and did you just stop your Prilosec?
      • 8 months ago
        I buy it through my acupuncturist. Hard to buy thru amazon. Doctors have access to this supplement. I also take standard process Gastrex, which you can buy thru amazon, and standard process parotid. The combination of the three works wonders, but I believe the HiPep is the main one t o control my GERD......and yes I stopped the Prilosec immediately....