• 1 month ago

    Anal fissure treatment?

    I’ve been struggling with anal fissures the past few months and I’m hoping someone has some tips for me.

    I’ve taken all the necessary measures to add more fiber into my diet—consuming benefiber, more water, & fruits/veggies/whole grains—along with taking stool softeners daily. My stool at the moment is generally pretty soft, except for the INITIAL stool. It is extremely painful when I first start my bowel movement, but after the initial stool passes, the rest is very soft & causes no pain. There is also currently no bleeding. I’m wondering what else I should be doing to ensure my stool is fully soft, especially upon the initial movement?

    Topically, I use hemmoroidal ointment, antibiotic ointment, & coconut oil to help sooth the anus. I also use hemmoroidal suppositories every night. I’m wondering also if there is a better cream/ointment to use?

    I’ve seen the doctor about this but they weren’t much help, mainly pointing me towards self care.

    I’m hoping someone can help, as it’s extremely painful at the moment!