• 8 months ago

    Long story about stomach/stool problems

    Hi all,

    About four months ago, I got extremely anxious (and still am to this day) and started experiencing gas, diarrhea, confiscation and stomach pain. After a while, I noticed maroon blood on my toilet paper after bowel movements. I went to my GP and they sent me to a gastroenterologist where they did an exam and found three internal hemorrhoids which they treated with rubber bands. Thankfully the bleeding stopped, but some days I still have constipation or diarrhea along with gas and slight stomach discomfort. The diarrhea and constipation happen sometimes on the same days too. I keep thinking the worst even though my GI said I shouldn’t be worried about something serious after the bleeding was treated. Is it IBS? It seems to really come on when I eat something different. For example, I ate a ton of chocolate the other day and have had diarreah for two days now. Thank you. Please help me with my sanity. Also, my GP ran blood tests and they came back normal.


  • 8 months ago

    RE: Long story about stomach/stool problems

    Have you tried some natural approach? There is a product called Praxid that has zero chemicals and contains a lot of papaya enzymes, probiotics, some minerals and ginger. It should help you alleviate and balance everything in your digestive system...