• 9 months ago

    Excema near anus still causing issues after a year - please help

    Hey guys, throughout my life I have suffered from eczema. More in my youth, but it comes around every once in a while as an adult. Unfortunately, some cropped up in a not so pleasant area.. right next to my anus. This happened a year ago.. and over the past year most of it has gone away. However, there seems to be a small spot that doesn't go away, and if I sweat too much or stretch the skin somehow in that area, it often leads to a new hemmroid or another infection. I'm thinking that i might have an anus tear where the skin at the edge is having a lot of trouble healing. It seems to get better when I don't shower or walk too much.. but then as soon as I do it flares back up.

    Since almost all of it has healed over the past year.. part of me thinks I should wait it out.. but it can be very uncomfortable and some days really affects my quality of life. I am afraid if I go to a proctologist it will be very expensive because I do not have health insurance currently.

    Do you guys know of a cream, medication or something that helps with an anal fissure/tear that is having a hard time healing? I will be dancing in the streets when this issue is finally gone. Thank you for any help here guys.