• 7 months ago

    Ruling out something serious

    I am trying to determine the cause of my digestive issues. Male, 57 yrs old, no history of major illnesses. Moderately overweight and enjoy my wine at dinner time. History and symptoms:
    * change in bowel habits over 6 month period; more urgency/frequency, change in form, generally softer and thinner
    * some discomfort in lower left quadrant, sometimes spasms
    * Generally OK during the night
    * cannot associate with foods and diet
    *symptoms were more variable recently (had some good uneventful days) but now seems more consistent
    * no visible blood, no appetite issues, no fever, no weight loss
    * lots of gurgling in belly
    * Last Colonoscopy 4 yrs ago, all negative, no polyps or other diseases
    * Saw GP about 1 month ago, thought it was muscular in nature, ordered abdominal ultrasound. All good except for some fatty liver.
    * Blood tests one month ago, all good, liver profile, glucose etc
    * I have a follow up apt on May 1 with GP again to see what are the next steps, more specifically to rule out a major disease.

    I guess my post is about hearing your thoughts as to whether this could be IBS. I have been told I had this in the past based on bowel changes, was prescribed probiotics which seemed to settle things after several weeks of use. I stopped them and restarted when these similar symptoms started but they don't seem to be working. I am concerned something major is going on like cancer, but hopeful that a clear colonoscopy 4 yrs ago buys some security there. Would love to hear your thoughts