• 7 months ago

    stomach pains

    I'm around 16 years old, and I have sort of a long history. It may or may not all be connected, but here it is:

    Ever since my period started, it was unstable, so my mom thought I should try Chinese medicine. About a year after consuming it almost daily, I got what the doctors told me was just a stomach flu. But it didn't feel like all the other stomach flues I've had. After the first week, where I normally would I have been better, I still had no appetite. The doctors I've visited said I should try opening it up with something other than bread, noodles, and congee, so I tried some noodles with a bit of oil and broccoli. I ended up with wicked abdominal pain, and the "no appetite" sensation went on for about two months.

    It's been a year since my initial "stomach flu" started, and so far, and I've gotten sick again every couple months. Although each time, the details varied, some of the symptoms would be the same (I had a coated/furry tongue one of the times): I would have abdominal pain that would be relieved after diarrhea (and unless I wanted to go through it again, I'd be limited to very simple foods), it would take more than a week (sometimes months) for me to get back to normal, gas/belching, bad taste in my mouth, and loss of appetite. I've done stool testing and blood testing, but everything came back normal. All the doctors I've visited don't think its anything more than a viral infection, and I've stopped going after the first 3 times.

    Now I've gotten sick again. This time, along with the gassy sensation, my stomach would "burble," and occasionally, when I breathe in and out, the upper left side of my stomach would make gurgling noises, and I feel like it's sucking air in and out. As well, I had abdominal pains/discomfort after eating just plain white bread. I'm also currently on my period, which despite the Chinese medicine, did not make it entirely better. I'm not sure if one of the problems is affecting the other, but at the same time, my period has been just trickling for almost a week, and even for me, that's a bit strange.

    On the few occasions where my period would come normally, it would last about a week or more, and the first few days are often painful in the vagina. (I also don't know if that is normal)

    Yes, I realize IBS is a possibility, and so have the doctors I've visited, but it doesn't seem like there is anything in my life that would likely "trigger" it.