• 9 months ago

    Bloody stool for 1 month

    I'm a 27 year old female and I've had bloody stool for a month.
    Could I have overdosed on Iron/have Iron poisoning?

    Backstory- I was diagnosed with anemia around a few months ago. My doctor prescribed me iron pills, and told me to take a prenatal vitamin even though I'm not pregnant but I was lacking some other vitamins she said all could be fixed by taking the prenatal.

    I took the iron pill/prenatal and got diarrhea so I stopped taking them. Fast forward a few months and I got strep throat. I started to take amoxicillin I had left from another prescription, but when that didn't work I called my doctor who prescribed me a zpack. Once I finished the 5 days, I thought back on my iron pills and thought maybe I had that reaction because I hadn't taken it with food so I took the iron/prenatals again with food this time.

    The day after I had the craziest diarrhea. This lasted for about 6 days. After that the diarrhea became less severe but had blood in it. I called my doctor who couldnt fit me in so I went to a clinic. They did testing (c-dif and general stool test) everything came back negative. Finally I got in with my reg doctor who prescribed me hydrocortisone thinking it was a superficial tear, but I am almost positive the blood is internal (bright red but I am dont think its a hemorrhoid as I dont have any discomfort and the blood seems mixed in with the stool).