• 9 months ago

    PPIs discontinued hopefully

    I decided to write here my story about GERD. I started to have a problems about 10 years ago. I received 20 mg omeprazol. Since then, almost without excessive was everything ok. In December 2016 i returned from vacation in Spain and i got pretty heavy heartburn, received 80 mg omeprazole, ranitidine and metoclopramide. No luck so far, my symptoms were worse and worse till my doctor said that he had heartburn too from bacteria. He is complete cured. No meds at all.
    So I started to google and found some interesting facts. To make it shorter I found out that I have too little acid in my stomach not too much as doctors keep saying to me. Now I am more than month PPI free, everything is solved with vinegar and HCL in tablets.
    If is someone interested in this topic and want to quit PPIs too, feel free to contact me. And I describe you my journey that should work for almost everyone. I can now eat chocolate, eat fried meals, tuna fish, etc.
    And why should you quit PPIs? After years of using PPIs you are preparing your stomach for cancer, vitamin insufficiency, bone breaks etc. These meds ARENT so safe as doctors say!! It's only business (these drugs are the most sold meds overall) nothing more.