• over 1 year ago

    Hello dear mates! I'm from Russia and I know, how to treat IBS

    (please, keep this thread alive)

    How to treat IBS (irritable bowel syndrome so fancy name). I'm not selling anything and so on, so be with me.

    Reason: ascaridae (nothing special =truth)

    1 Pyrantel\Piperazin (maybe, weaker treatment + less side effects)
    2 Albendazole\Levamisole [maybe, stronger treatment, especially Levamisole, + more side effects (I don't have any side effects)]
    Nota bene 1: You will have an immediate effect (!), but to kick out (yeah haha) ascaridae is pretty intricating (ahaha), so you'll have to repeat those treatments up to 15 times (use pauses to about 2 weeks\start treatment when symptoms arise).
    Nota bene 2: You can use both treatments, even simultaneously, but don't do such thing to ascaridae.
    Nota bene 3: Use instructions on dosage to each medicine.

    Put your hands\food\etc. to your lips only when hands\food\etc. cleaned (could be cleaned with water itself).

    And the main thing: mate, be a good human!