• 11 months ago

    Severe abdominal spasms with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

    Anyone? Please let me know I'm not alone in this. I've been suffering with "IBS-D" since early 2006. My story begins as most do, Once Upon a Time, I was just fine. In 2006 I underwent surgery to remove my right Fallopian tube and ovary. During the procedure, the surgeon noticed that 6" of my small intestine had collapsed. Concerned that severe complications would undoubtedly arise; the damaged intestine was removed and reattached. Recovery was unremarkable; outside of the NG Tube (which should be outlawed), and I went home a few days later. And so it begins, a few days after I began to experience intense spasms in my stomach; so much so that they come in waves so severe that I become nauseated and begin to vomit; cold sweats and to make it more complicated...severe diarrhea. I returned to the ER where I was admitted, given pain meds and Zofran, rehydrated, CT scan showed nothing. A few days later, discharged. Diarrhea has been my constant companion since. And to make it worse there is no holding it back. It has a mind of it's own and once started if I can't find a bathroom in 30 seconds or less; I'm a "poopy-pants"! Fast forward to January 2017, admitted to the hospital again for the same symptoms (this is the fifth time). I've been taking Lotronex for the past 2 years; which I must say has helped with the dreaded diarrhea but; not the spasms, vomiting, nausea. In researching the IBS-D pharmaceutical options; the side effects of the drugs is at best; frightening. I knew about what could happen with Lotronex; I signed a "waiver" to start the drug. At this time desperation made it impossible to see anything but no more "poopy-pants" at work, shopping, driving, etc. I'm desperate! I can't go through another "bout" like this last one and I want my life back. If there are one or two or 100 kind souls out there that can share anything with me that may help I'd be eternally grateful. Even if all you can do is tell me you empathize with me. Thanks for listening.


  • 8 months ago

    RE: Severe abdominal spasms with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

    Oh girl, i can DEFINATELY relate . But my story starts a little different.
    I was a normal kid(no stomach problems) til i was about 10 years old, then i drank a pepsi and holy cow EVERYTHING started. Severe diarrhea, would last almost whole week, would just sneak up on me sometimes and i definately had my embarrassing 'poopy pants' moments. I hated it. My parents have always been "oh, stitches arent for our family, super glue works best" so i never have been to a dr for stomach problems. Its been 20 years and i now try to cope with it. But i have always thought it should be a food allergy or something like that. Almost any food will do it to me now. Ice water is a big one. Usually if i stay out of any wind or a breeze, i can avoid it. But if i drink something and a light breeze blows across my body, it will make me get 'goosebumps' and thats when i know i gotta stop whatever im doing and get to bathroom asap. Its weird. And if i can get to bathroom fast enough, i wont have really too terrible of cramping. But if i have to 'hold it' then i will get cramps so bad it causes vomiting and about once a month i will find myself laying on bathroom floor with my pants around my ankles in a fainting spell. I usually have to strip almost naked to keep from overheating and getting dizzy. Then i have to curl up in a blanket to keep from getting chills. It sucks . I sometimes scream from the pain and my ears are ringing so i dont know that im being loud, and my husband has to come downstairs to let me know im waking my neighbors. My life since i was 10 has revolved around my stomach problems. I have never been constipated, ever. Only diarrhea .
    But ya, wanted to let u know i DEFINATELY know what you are dealing with. Sorry if it was TMI.