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    Hi all,
    I'm a 28 yr old female. Long story short, I have to have e a total colectomy. I'm wondering if anyone out there has had one?
    What is I like now when you go to the bathroom? Do you have incontinence issues now? Or are you able to hold it for a brief time? How do you eat, how long does it take to go to the bathroom after you eat and drink?
    I have alot of questions I know, but I nee to be prepared! Any info would be appreciated


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    RE: Colectomy

    This confuses me... do you have a J Pouch or a colostomy bag?
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    Thank you so much for sharing your questions with us. It sounds like you are asking all the right questions to prepare yourself for life after major surgery. Here is some information that I hope will help as you work with your medical and surgical team to get ready.

    We know that being prepared for recovery is one of the most important things you can do to reduce the number of days you spend in the hospital and to improve your quality of life. You may want to start by asking your surgery team if they have information about “enhanced recovery after surgery” (ERAS) protocols. This is where your team teaches you important information BEFORE surgery. Things like what to expect in the days before surgery, during surgery, and right after surgery. They will teach you about taking care of your surgical site to prevent complications, how to manage pain, and when to start eating after surgery.

    A lot will depend on why you need the surgery and what type of surgery you have. If you have a “J-pouch,” a technique where the surgeon takes the end of your small intestine and creates a small pouch that attaches to the anal opening, this will allow for bowel movements. Because the new pouch needs time to heal before it will work properly, usually a temporary ileostomy is also made, which allows your stool to leave the body through an opening in your abdomen.

    You will usually need a second surgery to close the temporary ileostomy. The time between the first and second surgeries is usually about three months.

    As your body begins to use the new J-pouch for bowel movements, you may find that you are pooping more frequently. Your bowel movements may be watery or soft because your body is absorbing less water. For most people, however, their overall quality of life is better.

    It is really important to ask all of your questions and learn how to take care of your surgical sites BEFORE surgery. A lot of people are overwhelmed after surgery from the stress and pain. This may make it more difficult to learn and retain information about how to take care of yourself.

    I wish you all the best for your recovery and life after surgery!