• 8 months ago

    Can't test for hernia until after colonoscopy??

    My housemate is overdue for an annual colonoscopy, scheduled for 6 weeks from now. She's also been experiencing severe abdominal pain and pressure for several months, which her GI doctor says sounds like a hernia; but the GI doctor won't start testing for the (possible) hernia until after the colonoscopy is completed. This means my housemate will continue to be in extreme (and worsening) pain for most likely 2 months or more... Is there a reason the doctor can't start the process of diagnosing the hernia before the colonoscopy?


  • 8 months ago

    RE: Can't test for hernia until after colonoscopy??

    i see no reason to wait untill after the colonoscopy. If shes in terrible pain from the hernia tell her to go to the emergency room . They will atleast scan the area and see where the hernia is . usually the hernia is on the front low down by the bikini line as they call it. My daughter had double hernia when she was little and it would pop out when she would jump up and down and was really active. I wouldnt let them do a colonoscopy first. A hernia is usually the small tear in the mucle wall wich allows part of the intestine to protrude through the wall of the mucle. I would demand the hernia done first . You have to be your own advocate when doctors dont listen.