• 6 months ago

    Agenesis of the Gallbladder

    We just found out that our 14 year old daughter is missing and was born without a gallbladder. It took 3 ultrasounds and finally an MRCP image to confirm it. My daughter has suffered her entire life with GI disturbances and we always blamed it on something else b/c we had never heard of agenesis since it is rare. Now we are left trying to figure out how to get her feeling better but we are also afraid that she may have additional GI deformities b/c she is always pressing on the gallbladder area saying that it hurts there. She also has severe joint pain, joint swelling, dizziness and fatigue. Anyone have any information or data on people actually born without a gallbladder or doctors that may be doing a study? Being born without one seems to come with issues much different than someone who had one removed later in life.