• 6 months ago

    I get severe acid reflux or heartburn I'm not sure what it could be and looking for help

    Again really severe acid reflux tour I throw up nothing but acid sucks is every once in awhile so hard to get rid of and I don't know what to take it gets to wear just me being active it gets worse and worse I remodel for a living and I'm semi-active all day and by the end of the day it's so bad spin Rolaids and Pepcid sometimes don't work sometimes you were right get sick there's bits that look like blood so I'm wondering if it's ulcers I know I need to get with a doctor more about this but the testing and medication I cannot afford and the last two days have been really bad I guess I'm wondering if anybody knows a good remedy and would it possibly could be from ulcers to heartburn acid reflux it's just weird to me that the more active like it the worse it gets and after I get sick my throat swells up everything's real Raw I don't know what to eat without getting sick again sometimes drinking water makes it worse I know this question is kind of loan I have not had much sleep in a few days and just hoping I can find a remedy and then I do what my issues might be