• 6 months ago

    Abnormal bowel movements

    Hello, I am 20 years old. The past month or maybe two months, I've had irregular bowel movements. Usually I have a bowel movement about every day or every other day. At least a normal schedule. But the past month or two, I have not been able to go often. I felt bloated a lot so I finally took laxatives. They worked and I got everything out but I still can't go to the bathroom regularly. And when I can finally go, which is once a week if I'm lucky, it gives me stomach pain. Any help with what to do or what it could be? Thank you!


  • 6 months ago

    RE: Abnormal bowel movements

    Hi samstew i can not say this with any more urgency , PLEASE GET TO A HOSPITAL RIGHT AWAY !! you may be dealing with a blockage or the start of a twisted intestine called a petersons hernia. Please you must have a scan right away . This similar experience happened to me almost 10 years ago in june. I went in because i was not feeling well at all. same problems with bowels. To make long story short. I went in and they did xray said i was backed up drink that crap go take a crap and i would feel better. DONT let them tell you this. within an hour i was back at hospital and spent 6 days in the ccu and icu , then another 9 in a regular room. I died shortly on the operating table and they thankfully got me back. My intestine was dead and it ruptured. i had four and a half feet of small intestine removed and about 3 gallons of nasty rotten bowel and sepsis sucked out. Still in alot of chronic pain and now disabled so please go to the Emergency room and tell them to do a scan and tell them about PETERSONS HERNIA .
    i will pray you dont have it.