• 6 months ago

    Severe lower right abdominal pain- please help!

    I am having a reoccurring aching/sharp pain in my lower right abdomen, just above the hip bone. This has been going on for over a month now, and I have had 4 doctor visits. I've had three blood tests, a CT scan, an upper and lower ultrasound, and had a female exam. Nothing was found to be the cause of my pain, and I am not old enough to get insurance for a PCP or GI, so essentially I have to wait until something really bad happens. My stools have been yellow in color and small. I've had constipation on and off, sometimes lasting over a week (and when I had it nothing could cure it, no food, folk remedy, laxative, or enema made a difference.) The pain feels as though it radiates into my hip bone and leg, and sometimes my entire right side hurts. I am unsure if pain relievers work because I've been taking them closer to bedtime if I do. No food seems to make it worse or better, nor does a hot pack help. Physical activity doesn't make a difference. I'd really appreciate any answers people might have. Again, I've had every basic test done and they ruled out infection, appendix issues, pancreas problems, kidney issues, gallstones, liver problems... And my online research only confuses me more, the symptoms don't seem to match IBS or Celiac Disease but are similar.