• 6 months ago

    Hemorrhoids and Physical Excursion

    I've been dealing with internal hemorrhoids for a couple of years. I had surgery for them and now they're back, even though I'm regular, and I don't strain on the toilet. A couple of months ago, I was singing very loudly, as I do, and I could tell after a couple of songs, that I'd caused the problem to return. Though I'm significantly better now, I can tell I'm not 100%. I need to sing, scream really, for some of the songs we play. Is there some way I can do this without causing the increased anal pressure that leads to hemorrhoids? Or is there some exercise I can do to strengthen that tissue (or my abdomen) so I can scream or lift heavy objects without making things worse? When the problem was bad, I couldn't even stand up and play the guitar, because my body tenses up a little in the more vigorous songs. I've read that coughing is bad for hemorrhoids, and screaming is about the same thing, muscularly. Am I just doomed to a life without serious physical excursion?