• 4 months ago

    Is this problem mental or physical?

    Hi there, it is my first time on this site (i am college student) and this is a big issue i had suffer for 5 years which is destroying my life.
    Straight to the point,
    *first of all, a few years ago, i was aware of saliva in mouth. This has been going on for 5 years. I wake up a large amount of saliva in my mouth.
    I am diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.
    *i searched the symptoms few years back and it matched with a mental condition called Sensorimotor OCD (the fear of being aware of a bodily sensation). The thing is, THIS can be CONFUSED with being a health problem, like having excess saliva, hence aware. I am not entirely sure...

    Please help me, any medical professionals or people who has some idea what this could be.

    Currently, my doctor diagnosed me with celiac disease but i am not sure if its certain, i am waiting for a doctors appointment.

    I am sick and tired of the excessive saliva in my mouth, really, it is so inconvenient and the worst part is i feel so doubtful.

    My question is why am i aware of the saliva in my mouth.
    Sometimes my throat gets dry, sometimes i don't swallow and theres an excess saliva buildup.

    is this a mental issue or a physical issue? Any advice for my situation.. thank u...