• over 2 years ago

    Challenge question - What do you assess this to be?

    After dealing with and trying to use off the shelf remedies for a couple months of bloating, upper abdominal pain, excessive gas, abdominal cramps sometimes intense, frequent and often urgent diarrhea, undigested food in her stool, my wife got to the doctor. Blood tests, 1 fecal test, and MRI came up blank. Then a combination colonoscopy/endoscopy images only showed what the Gastro doc said was a 'green bean'. A single, unscathed, tiny, green, round, tapered, something that looked like it was somehow magically wedged in the fluctuations of the intestinal wall, in spite of virtually everything else being removed from the entire digestive tract by the preparatory flush the day/night before. Unchewed.....undigested....and not a cut green bean.....and my wife told the doc that can't be because she hasn't had green beans in weeks. The staff dismissively said "you'd be surprised how often it happens'.

    The reason I am posing this scenario to a community like this, and hopefully a handful of people in the medical community legit, is because after seeing the images, becoming enraged, researching the web for hours in pursuit of shooting holes in my assumptions (which are without having an actual medical background) I am poised to hammer this doctor for his amazing ineptitude, unless I see some compelling reason to give him benefit of doubt. If someone in one of these inquiries gives me some feedback that might point to a different investigation than the one I've concluded, I would be very appreciative.