• Really Bad Digestion Problems

    Ever since early November (2016) I have had a lot of really bad stomach problems. I have had explosive diarrhea every (no joke) 3-4 and even 5 times a day up until late March (2017), when I started taking lactose supplements, drinking Lactose free products, and avoiding cheese. Now, I no longer poop 3 or 4 times a day, now once every 1 or 2. If this isn’t Bad enough I also either have both an internal and external hemorrhoid or just one huge one (Confirmed by doctor [He didn’t look though]). I might have a Cyst because I had a buildup that bloody exploded on my buttcheek near my rectum. This instantly comes on without buildup, and it hurts bad. The pain is in the area above my private area and below my stomach. I can feel the gas buildup, and it feels like how your head feels when it . I feel like I am passing gas as I have explosive diarrhea that comes out like a facet (it is an oily liquid with chunks of poo with chunks of undigested food). The area gets bloated and warm, and noisy to were I can here it as I watch TV. I also get very gasy and often have this terrible smell of wet shoes and a backed up septic tank in leakage in my underwear.

    What is wrong with me?