• over 2 years ago

    Acid reflux is getting worse due to stress and anxiety

    I've been taking Prilosec in the morning for a few years. It's usually relatively controlled, and tends to act up if I start eating poorly. I've recently gone through some Traumatic things in my life, and stress is simply an every day occurrence. I went to my doctor yesterday, and he switched me over to Protonix 40mg in the am. I'm also going to try Lexapro for my anxiety, 10 MG.

    My symptoms have been very strange because I'm a guy that normally likes to eat. My appetite is gone, I cough incredibly like I need to throw up and in some cases actually do. And when I think I'm ready to eat, there's times I stare at the food, take a few bites and it's almost like my taste buds has changed and I don't like the food anymore. It's really weird. I'm a runner and relatively healthy, And I'm hoping the meds work after a few weeks, but thought I would post something in case anyone had any other ideas.