• 8 months ago

    Huge pain after exercise?

    Hey so I'm completely new to this and have no clue what I'm doing really but I'll give it a shot.
    I've played football (soccer?) since a young age and ever since I can remember I would get bad stomachs cramps after playing and I mean BAD, like curl up in a ball can't even speak kind of bad. I always just thought it was wind when I was young and never said anything. Anyway I stopped playing as frequently and competitively and did notice it as much, I still got it after playing or training from time to time but not as bad as when I played a lot.
    Now this summer I've decided to get fit and take it serious again and the pains are back and worse than ever, after running in training or a match about 30 minutes after I get BAD stomach cramps and pains like acid is moving through my large intestine. It feels like I'm about to have explosive diarrhoea but it doesn't come until about 4-6 hours later or sometimes even the next morning and when it does it's loose but not watery.
    I'm worried I'll have to stop playing due to this it really is that bad. I couldn't
    Imagine being on a coach coming home from an away game with this pain when I'm stuck on a coach for hours. I asked my mother who is a nurse and she said maybe it's ibs but I'm not so sure. ANY help at all would be hugely appreciated coz I'm completely stuck at the moment. Thanks