• 7 months ago

    Episodes of vomiting and diarrhea w odor

    My 16 year old son has had episodes that include acute stomach pain as well as immediate vomiting and diarrhea. They will last anywhere from 15-30 minutes until everything is out of his system. There is a very foul odor that is present during each episode. He has had these episodes since he was 7-8 years old and has had roughly 15-20 of them. There doesn't seem to be an association with specific food or anything else we can we think of that might be causing them. He has had them 8-10 weeks apart but has also gone almost a year without having one. Doctors have suggested it might be due to stress, food allergies, or irritable bowl but really can't pinpoint the cause or what is happening. Any thoughts or ideas as to what might be happening would be appreciated.