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  • 11 hours ago

    Liver and Kidney Damage and Weight Loss

    Always a healthy eater and athlete my whole time. No matter the time of year my weight was always between 130-135. In later December of 2016 with mild abdominal pain I lost pretty much all my appetite. Found out accidentally on a random blood test I had very high levels of liver enzymes and was told this showed damage (neg of all hepatitis), then later I was told I also tested for chronic kidney disease at the same. A week ago I find out I have lost 20 pounds which to me is weird since I have been....
  • 2 days ago

    Appetite fluctuations and odd stool

    About 2 weeks ago I noticed an marked increase in hunger without any change in daily habits. Like unbelievably ravenous all the time and I'm rarely hungry normally. Then in the past few days I've gone completely the other way. Borderline nauseous and zero appetite. Yesterday my stool started coming out white. Any ideas on what might be going on? I have no gallbladder, no jaundice, and almost no tenderness in the liver area. Just trying to decide if I need to be concerned or not. Any thoughts....
  • 2 days ago

    Just received my Biopsy report today. Had some questions.

    I had an upper endoscopy the other day and received my biopsy report. My insurance required me to have that procedure done so I could get authorization for a pill cam. I'm in the process of figuring out what's going on with some lower gastro issues I've been having. With the symptoms I've been experiencing, my doctor is leaning towards the possibility of crohn's disease. I don't have any issues with heart burn or the other symptoms that come with GERD and I don't use NSAIDS....
  • 2 days ago

    GERD/VItamin B12

    I have had GERD for 30 years and take a double dose of Prevacid about the last 15 years. I did not know that the combination of age and Prevacid use put me at risk for the severe VItamin B12 deficiency I have recently been diagnosed with. I have been followed by doctors on a regular basis but the blood panels that are regularly taken do not reveal this condition, which In my case was a severe deficiency when it was discovered. Now that I am aware the symptoms of constipation, muscle weakness and....
  • 2 days ago

    breathing and digestive problems

    My past history with digestive problems include being diagnosed with Gerds and irritable bowel syndrome(IBS). I haven't heard anyone say anything about shortness of breath or the problem of trying to "catch my breath" with those problems. I've had this uncomfortable experience with what seems to be bloating in the upper stomach for about 5 days now. It has been so uncomfortable that I have not been able to sleep at night. I got about 3 hours of sleep last night because I was trying....
  • 2 days ago

    Choking in the night

    On two occasions recently I woke up choking on what seemed like regurgitated food. I coughed and gagged for about half an hour. I tried drinking water and eating a piece of bread. I finally coughed myself out of the spell. It was scary and very distressful. I think I could have gerd. This rarely happens but feel that I possibly went to bed too soon after eating. I will ask my doctor when I see him in a month. However, in the meantime I'm wondering what to do if this occurs again. Thanks!!
  • 3 days ago

    After visit to Uganda I came back to the states with problems

    OK so in October I took a trip to Uganda. Before going I got vaccinated for yellow fever but that's it. I was there for 2 weeks and stayed in a not so clean house that had bugs running around and I ate some questionable street food and fruits right off a tree. The day before leaving I started getting diarrhea. On the flight back to the states I had an intense headache. After a few days I started feeling really weak and tired all the time. I got tested for HIV several times with the last time....
  • 3 days ago

    stomach bug/gastronitus

    have been expiremcing the stomach flu... two nights ago i began vomiting, i vomited two times actually, and had a watery stool, yesterday i woke up feeling like my normal self so i ate some crackers soup, and cheese, my friend invited me over so i went and then vomited and went home and expirenced a night of vomiting do u think this was caused by the food or the stomach flu
  • 3 days ago

    I am getting super depressed. Can anyone tell me what my symptoms sound like? I'm begging you!!

    I'm 21 and ever since Dec I've had these weird episodes and I don't know what's wrong. Started like the first weekend of Dec. I was extremely nauseous and that was it. The next day, it was gone by that night. Then day before Christmas eve, that comes back. It's more severe this time, and I proceed to gag a bunch but never vomit. Christmas eve, I eat a little bit. Feels stuck between my ribs.. I gag a lot, nothing. Christmas night, no food, but feels like there's some stuck....
  • 3 days ago

    Experiencing Rectal Bleeding, what is my most likely cause?

    Experiencing blood in my stool the past week. Here is all the background information and symptoms I can describe: - Very healthy 25 year old Male - No family history of any rectal disease Now to the actual problem: - Blood in stool - No pain at all - bowel movements are quick/smooth - Growling noises often coming from anus area when I need to go - Size of the stools has reduced quite a bit, to make up for that I have to go more often. - Blood color is bright red to dark red (maroon) - The blood coming....