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  • 15 hours ago

    Gastroparesis and Chronic Idiopathic Constipation (CIC?)

    It's been about about 2 years since I was diagnosed with gastroparesis. The special surgeon I was sent to said mine were the worst gastric emptying study results he had ever seen. He then proceeded to talk to me about a J-tube. When I was started on Domperidone my nausea abated, I changed my diet and did OK. Recently I had a Sitz study done. They found 23 of 24 markers left in my colon and I started on Linzess 10 days ago. Since then I've had alternating bouts of liquid diarrhea and constipation....
  • 2 days ago

    Diarrhea after every meal

    My 14 year old started having this happen to her last Monday, right when she got her period and it's been going on all week. She eats, gets a pain near her belly button and then has diarrhea. The only change that has happened is that she switched birth control pills 2 months ago. She does have issues with anxiety/depression which she sees a therapist for. I will consult with her doctor if this doesn't ease up. Any ideas?
  • 4 days ago

    Right sided flare ups

    One month ago, I began having abdominal pain on the lower right side. It would move back and forth between my belly button and my side. I had gas, pain with bowel movements that were either loose or constipated. Then I noticed the pain would go back and forth between under my ribs, similar to where my gall bladder and pancreas are and then back down low. I had tons of testing done and everything was either negative or inconclusive. I was 5 pregnant so they did not do a CT but they did do a MRI and....
  • 6 days ago

    How can I get RELIEF from being constipated all of the time.

    I stay constantly constipated, and my stomach stays bloated. Even when I use MIRACLE LACKS DAILY, and I DRINK WATER OFTEN. MY STOMACH LOOKS LIKE I'M PASS 9 MONTHS PREGNANT.
  • 7 days ago

    15 yr old son. Reflux or anxiety?

    Hi there. Hoping to find answers. My 15 year old son has been going to a gastro Dr at Childrens for five years. They did not come out and say he had reflux. They said the scope looks good. They think it’s just anxiety. Problem is, my kids stomach hurts so badly all the time, that he can not eat before 1 pm or after 6 pm!!! His only Med is ranitidine 309 mg. It does help the pains. My question is two part: 1) is there anything to get completely rid of it? And 2) his breath does NOT smell sour, like....
  • Strange throat / chest tension

    Hi all, So I’ve had GERD for several years now and I’ve been noticing some intense chest / lower throat tension. (I’ve had my heart checked out and it’s okay) I’ve figured out that if I look straight up and breathe deep with my belly, (while sitting up straight) it feels like my diaphragm is pulling my throat / esophagus down, it’s a nice feeling. I have terrible posture so my chest / neck are tight usually, and I have anxiety. I’m just curious if anyone has any insight as to what else I’m stretching....
  • 9 days ago

    Stomach Issues

    These past 3 months, I've thrown up once each month, which is odd because usually the time between throwing up for me is years. I figured it was stress at the time since I was extremely stressed out, but as stomach problems persist with low amounts of stress, I'm confused. Sometimes after eating or drinking, I'll get a sharp pain right in the middle of my abdomen that feels like it's tearing and ripping to the other sides of my stomach, eventually spreading to my sides. It goes away....
  • 10 days ago

    Effects of Cipro and Flagyl

    On June first I had an attack of diverticulitis and was put on Cipro and Flagyl for 15 days.. Ten days into it I was so tired I couldn't move and was having panic attacks. I called my doctor to see if I could get off it and they said to finish the prescription...which I did. I have had yeast infection, thrush, and extreme fatigue since finishing. I went back to the doctor and they said the side effects would clear. I am almost a month since I finished the darn antibiotics and I am still very....
  • 11 days ago

    blood during bowel movement

    so for the past few days, i have been experiencing bleeding during bowel movements. the blood is bright red, mostly on toilet paper although i do notice some drips in the toilet and a little on the stool itself. while passing, i do experience a tiny amount of what i'd call scratching, nothing painful or severe at all though. i have not been experiencing any stomach pains or other health issues, bowel movements are not irregular either. upon closer inspection i did notice what seems like a tiny....
  • 15 days ago

    Bowel movement urgency when on public transport

    **Disclaimer: I am 28 years old, female, and pretty healthy save for a lifelong history of constipation.** For the last two months or so, I've been experiencing a very uncomfortable and distressing trend. Whenever I am on a bus or light rail, I get intestinal cramping, increased flatulence, faster/harder heartbeat, and feel as if I have the urgent need to use the bathroom. Deep, controlled breathing doesn't help. Several of these situations did result in me having borderline diarrhea once....