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  • 10 hours ago

    ATTENTION: WebMD Message Boards to be Discontinued

    After careful consideration we have decided to close our Message Boards on Thursday, July 30. If you would like to save any resources or information that you have stored on the boards, please make sure to copy it before the above date. We thank you for your participation and support through the years, and encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to continue to connect with the WebMD community and get our latest health and wellness information.
  • 4 days ago

    Lactose and fructose intolerance / malabsorption

    I have just been diagnosed with lactose and fructose intolerance, after doing breath tests. I would be glad to hear ideas about what I should do now, apart from the obvious reduction of foods high in these sugars. Thanks for any advice!
  • 4 days ago

    Stool Floaters

    Hello, was wondering if anyone can give me advice. for about a month I started having loose floating stool. it started happening about every three days and now its just about everyday the last week. been to my primary 2 times, first time he did basic blood tests checked for celiac, blood counts and did 3 different stool tests one to check for blood, 2 to check for bacteria etc. was told everything was normal. then I had an ultra sound of the abdomen and that was normal. he wants me to take a probiotic....
  • 5 days ago

    Digestive issue with 8 year old

    Hi All My 8 year old boy's underwear is always lightly stained with poop. He has a bowel movement 2-3 times a day. I clean him myself and check thoroughly - so not a cleaning issue. Whenever he farts, he checks - we dont think that passing gas is causing this. This started 2 months ago. We gave him a course of laxatives just in case he has constipation. Now we give him probiotics. But it hasnt solved the issue. He is a healthy boy overall, but we are very worried about this. Note that he has....
  • 5 days ago

    3 years post Nissen Fundoplication

    Hello -- I am seeking help as I am completely miserable. I had a fundo done in early 2017 and actually had great success with it. Lately though, I've had extreme bloating even when I don't eat. It is so bad I cannot breathe properly and now my lungs are sore struggling to take in breaths. I had an upper GI that showed nothing to be causing this. I go through gas-x like it is candy with no relief, I've started omeprazole and I'm on week 2 with no relief. I've cut out all gluten....
  • 5 days ago

    Chronic stomach problems

    I’ve been throwing up for most of my life. Usually for long periods of Rome. Ranging from three days to two weeks. I’ve been hospitalized many times over the years for not being able to hold food down or throwing up constantly. It’s been a long journey or tubes and scopes down my throat, mri, and just every no answers. Has anyone been threw this or has trouble with the stomach? I need help! No one has yet to tell me why this happens to me.
  • 11 days ago

    Not satisfied with Doctor saying he can do nothing for me

    I have been to 2 doctors about esophagial strictures in my throat and have had 3 dilations in the last 4 years. I currently can only eat soft foods or liquids, or food gets stuck in my throat. The last two doctors I saw said there is nothing else they can do for me. What about laser removal of the stricture? Can't that be done ? If anyone has any info please let me know.
  • 1 month ago

    Constipation Relief ?

    I am Outraged everytime some one says for Constipation U need Laxatives - this is Rubbish - I have already Emptied out my Bowel- the meaning of constipation -is needing to feel like going to Poo- is there any medicine that will take away the feeling of this without having to take more Laxatives ? and what are some of these medicines ?
  • 1 month ago

    What May Trigger GERD Episodes

    Hello. I’m suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD) which was caused by H-Pylori. I am undergoing treatment and taking medications. I realize that whenever I step into my office cubicle at work and stand by my desk, I’m being triggered into a GERD episode. Is there study that shows a possible link between environment and the trigger of acid reflux?
  • 1 month ago

    Antibiotics Needed?

    I've been diagnosed with Diverticulitis in the last year. Flare ups have been manageable. This last time, the abdominal soreness has lasted over a week. Are antibiotics needed, or more time back on a liquid diet?