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  • 1 month ago

    Highs and lows

    I am having trouble yo-youing. What should I eat when treating a low that I don’t skyrocket.
  • 4 months ago

    New Treatment for Type 1 diabetes

    I’ve been a type 1 diabetic x8yrs. now due to having gallstones blocking my bile duct and destroying my pancreas. Was put in a medical induced coma and giving very low odds of surviving an acute pancreatitis. Woke up a month later from the coma a type 1 diabetic. My C-Peptide is 0.6 and I take Novalin 6 units at meals and 6 units Levimir at bedtime daily. I’ve gotten a gastric bypass x 3 years ago to keep my weight down w/ controlled BS between 100-170. My AIC is 6.3... never been higher. My issue....
  • 4 months ago

    Help w/hypoglycemic episodes

    My 12 yr old grand daughter has been struggling with type 1 w/ketoacidocis now for 1 yr. within the last three months she has had four seizures due to her levels dropping during the night to the twenties. Even when she gets to the ER it takes the doctors forever to get her glucose back to a safe level. Her doctors insist that her parents are over injecting her; this is not the case, they claim this is impossible and would only happen with to much insulin. What else, and has anyone else, ever experienced....
  • 6 months ago

    Where 2 wear pump....

    I am a female & I have a tslim insulin pump but lately im getting tired of my waist pouch! i want to just where it in a pocket or somewhere else... Anyone out there have ANY advice???? Thx! Take care.. Sara M
  • 7 months ago

    Important query regarding Sugar Test

    I am non diabetic. Female, age 32, height 5 ft 7" and weight 58 Kgs. I keep my weight in check with a proper diet. I have a big sweet tooth and eat a lot of sweets. A recent Sugar test had the following results - GLUCOSE, FASTING, PLASMA - 102 HBA1C- 5.4 MEAN PLASMA GLUCOSE - 108.3 Does this mean I am prone to diabetes? Will I get diabetes soon?
  • 8 months ago

    Cost of insulin

    I got a new job and they said they would have benefits on the first day. Went to go refill my prescription 2 bottles of Lantus and 2 bottles of Humalog and the price was almost $1240, for both prescriptions so about $620 for each one they were pretty close to the same amount and this is a one month supply. So I had to find $1240 to get my prescription and the insurance company would mail me a check for the amount. Why are the prices so high?
  • 8 months ago


    my father die 17 years ago he had diabetes also my aunt so what are the possibilities of me and my children's get diabetes ? also one of my sons drink a lot of soda that may be increase the chances to get diabetes?
  • 9 months ago

    New information?

    Does anyone know any new technology, studies, medications or information regarding Type-1 diabetes ? I'm interesting in learning about the future of this disease and haven't heard anything new lately.
  • 10 months ago

    Reverse Your Diabetes

    I have T1, and I have reduced my insulin usage by more than 50%. And as a side I lost over 40 lbs! T2 is totally reversible. Most doctors don't know about this because they have little or no nutrition training in medical school you need to eat a Whole Food Plant Based diet and make it a lifestyle. I felt so lied to at first but then realized they just were never taught. Read Eat to Live or the End Of Diabetes by Dr Joel Fuhrman and join the Facebook group Eat to Live Diabetes Support Group. You....
  • Talking Constant Glucose Monitors

    Do talking constant glucose monitors exist? I'm asking on behalf of my amazing father who manages his diabetes while being completely blind! Thanks to a talking glucose monitor, which he uses four times a day, he is able to keep track of his glucose readings. However, what we have heard about constant glucose monitors sounds great! If it would tell him what his glucose levels are throughout the day, he could take even better control of his diabetes. Again, I stress that he needs it to speak his....