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    RE: Type 2 Diabeties

    There could be, at least, a dozen possibilities for frequent urination (of which you mentioned, two). Rather than ask this board to make a guess, here, it's probably best you have your doctor do the dirty work and get to the truth. It could be just stress & anxiety or a urinary track infection or a temporary overactive bladder.

    One thing I've noticed as I've gotten older (63 yo, m). My bladder gets full in a real hurry, especially, at night. Good luck.
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        You're welcome, Daffy.

        People are very quick to associate frequent urination with Type 2 Diabetes. Yes, that is a "classic" symptom of high blood sugar in the bloodstream and when the body has developed a condition known as "insulin resistance", it will take alternative measures to rid itself of dangerously, high levels of blood glucose...hence, by peeing!

        Note: It's (frequent urination) brilliant, actually, and demonstrates how genius the body is in "problem solving" when confronted by someone who is forcing an unhealthy lifestyle (ie. diet) down "its" throat. The body finds a way, somehow, to "protect" that person. Both, by weight gain and peeing and, in some cases, weight loss, too! Our body's survival, protection and self-healing mechanisms have evolved over millions of years and it's ability to resolve "threats" against it's "systems" are beyond, even to this day, our understanding.

        Type 2 Diabetes is closely tied to a condition known as "metabolic syndrome" (aka prediabetes). There are five risk factors of this condition:

        high blood sugar
        high blood pressure
        high triglycerides
        low HDL cholesterol
        &, lastly, obesity

        What does this have to do with your question?

        It means, people don't just develop Type 2 Diabetes out of the clear blue. If you have Type Diabetes, you're likely to also have two, three, possibly, 4 of the other "bedfellows" of metabolic syndrome...

        So, are you overweight? Have you checked your blood pressure, lately? Has your doctor been reminding you to try to do "something", every visit, for the last 10+ years? Are you taking prescription meds?

        In other words, any reasonably decent doctor can spot Type 2 Diabetes advancing (like on on-coming freight train), years BEFORE it finally lands.

        PS: Infections, allergies, fatigue, gut problems and slow wound healing are also classic symptoms of diabetes because chronic high blood sugar levels prevent your body's immune system in doing a proper job. &, once, your immune system is compromised, its "Katie bar the door". You waited too late to take action, now, get ready for the sht storm...

        If you follow your doctor's advice (about making changes to your life), you'll have nothing to worry. I did that 12 years, ago. Haven't tested, positive, for diabetes, since.
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    RE: Type 2 Diabeties

    The urge to empty your bladder may be coming from an elevated blood sugar. Do you test your sugar daily?
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    RE: Type 2 Diabeties

    The color is perfectly normal - it just means that you're properly hydrated.
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    RE: Type 2 Diabeties

    It's considered normal color of urine ranges from light yellow, resembling the color of straw, to bright yellow, resembling the color of amber. The color of urine is caused by the presence of urochrome pigment in it, which gives it a color of different shades of yellow. In fact, urine acquires watery, pale color, simultaneously the color of feces is changed also. Although, I think, that you are worth pass special tests in hospital, so as this cannot be determined in household conditions (I mean it's impossible without special devices), and it may happen due to the fact that you could simply eat food in which there are many dyes, or you simply drink a lot of water, so you can have white color of urine. However, it is better to read the article about, as there is a lot of useful information, and using the tables in the article you can determine your sugar level and make sure if you have diabetes...