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    Type 2 Diabetes Is "insulin resistance"...

    but, Obesity is about "insulin resistance", too...
    and, High Cholesterol is about "insulin resistance", too...
    and, isn't Alzheimer's about "insulin resistance", too?
    and, arthritis? Let me guess..."insulin resistance"? (Yup!)
    and, hypothyroidism is about "insulin resistance", right? (ah-huh)
    and, many auto-immune diseases, too? Yeah, "insulin resistance".

    and, how about cancer?..."insulin resistance"?
    Yes. "Insulin resistance"!

    So, why do Type 2 Diabetics fixate on "high blood sugar"?

    Beats the hell out of me...

    Maybe, it's what their doctor insisted they do:
    "...You need to manage your blood sugar levels and try to maintain it within "normal" range (yada, yada, yada)..."

    I reversed my Type 2 Diabetes over 12 years ago. I stopped measuring my blood sugar, daily, over 5 years, ago. Hell, I haven't been to see my doctor for an annual C.U. in almost three years! I'm 63 yo and haven't had a colonoscopy, yet! (and, my kid sister died from colon cancer in 2012!)

    4 mos, ago, I decided I needed to lose about 20 lbs. I knew I had gotten a little sloppy with my diet and daily routines so I tightened my lifestyle to reduce insulin resistance. How do I know I was successful?

    1. I lost the 20 lbs.
    2. My blood pressure dropped 15 points (130 to 115)
    3. My fasting blood sugar went from 100 to 80, on average.
    4. My skin quality and muscle tone dramatically improved.

    This is what I did, daily...
    1. 10 servings of fruits and vegetables, daily
    2. 2 meals, a day, 6 hr eating : 18 hr fasting
    3. Drank 1 gallon of water, every day
    4. Boosted my exercise schedule by an additional 30 minutes
    5. Eliminated the use of all table sugar
    6. Absolutely no alcohol!

    Here's why it worked: You see, all those conditions I mentioned, above? They're indicative of decreasing liver function. Unfortunately, after the heart and brain, the liver is THE MOST CRITICAL organ in the human body! This is why all these conditions are "related" and closely tied to one another (ie. they ALL positively respond to improved, diet, exercise, stress management, etc...)

    By fasting, by eating no processed food, by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, by restricting table sugar and alcohol, by getting plenty of rest and daily exercise, I'm restoring insulin sensitivity by rehabilitating and flushing out my liver, completely. I lighten it's workload & keep it clean to allow time for the body to repair/restore "normal" liver efficiency.

    Did I worry about "measuring" my stupid blood sugar levels?
    Absolutely not!
    Do I have to measure my bloody blood pressure or get on a weight scale every 4 hrs?
    Absolutely not!

    I took pictures of my my face and body and taped them to my bathroom mirror, then, posted a new set every week. You can see the freaking fat melting away! That's was the extent of my use of "modern medical technology". I used my cell phone camera to take pics...

    There's a cure for Type 2 Diabetes. There's a cure for cancer. There's a cure for Obesity, Heart Disease, COPD and Alzheimer's, too. Food allergies, tooth decay, gout, IBS, PCOS, sleep apnea? I haven't had a bloody cold, headache or sore throat in over 7 years, now, let alone those wretched ailments! So. let me ask you: If you manifest zero symptoms, would you still believe you needed a colonoscopy???

    Unfortunately, at least in America, the doctors have got all these fools measuring "blood sugar" for Type 2 Diabetes. Tell me, all you folks, out, there...

    "How's that working for ya? Do you still want those diabetes "recipes"?


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    RE: Type 2 Diabetes Is "insulin resistance"...

    The problem with these 7 day fasts (&, longer) is it's not pleasant and, therefore, tough to sustain, periodically, long-term. 18:6 intermittent fasting is easy to sustain your entire lifetime. Also, since cooking your own meals is absolutely essential to insure a proper, fresh, non processed diet, eating just two cooked meals a day is not only effective in restoring insulin sensitivity, it's cheaper and far more time efficient a lifestyle.

    Next time when someone recommends to you to eat many small meals a day, just walk away. They don't have the slightest clue what they're talking about.

    Finally, water consumption. Once you age beyond 40, your body slowly starts to lose thirst impulse. You just don't get that thirsty, anymore.

    This is the reason why so many seniors suffer multiple health conditions. They simply don't drink enough water. Water is essentially for basic liver maintenance. and, since the liver plays a massive role in blood sugar control, this is why so many seniors have Type 2 Diabetes (&, high cholesterol, high blood pressure). It's common sense, actually.

    Unfortunately, so many people can't think for themselves; they have to have a doctor tell them what they have to do. Note: The very first thing any reasonably good doctor tells their patients: "Are you drinking enough water?"

    Why do you suppose they say that?
    They say it because they don't want you to take diabetes drugs. They want you to lose weight. They don't want you to suffer strokes and heart attacks. Unfortunately, their patients won't do a damn thing to prevent these horrible maladies from happening.
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    RE: Type 2 Diabetes Is "insulin resistance"...

    I have done exactly what you have done. I still for what ever the reason check my blood sugars. Not as much as I used to.
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        Diabetics try to "manipulate" blood glucose...
        Obese people try to lose weight...
        High blood pressure folks try to relax and not stress out...
        High cholesterol folks avoid cheese and fatty meats...

        These are all caused by insulin resistance.

        I've lost, now, 24 lbs (195 to 171) by cleansing and resting my liver through fresh, high fiber diet, exercise, intermittent fasting and high volume water consumption. My body knows how to maintain normal weight. It knows how to control blood sugar. It knows how to maintain healthy lipid levels. It's done it for 90% of my adult life! Same goes for cancer, too.

        and, it will go on "controlling" my vitals provided I do one thing: Maintain insulin sensitivity.

        Now that I've restored insulin sensitivity, I can eat any goddamn thing I want. It will not go to fat. It will not raise my blood glucose levels, excessively. I've done this before so I already know. That's why I don't check blood sugar.

        Type 2 Diabetics don't perform basic, common sense, preventative health care, daily. Ditto, for people overweight. They forget the "elephant in the room": Their bodies were successful in controlling weight and blood sugar for most of their freakin' lives!
        Therefore, their bodies already KNOW WHAT TO DO!

        The problem is, it just can't do it when the body is "unhealthy" (and, that's exactly what they are!). Drugs are for fools. Drugs can't reverse poor health. Never could. Never will.