• 27 days ago

    I have Diabtes now

    I'm Bill well where should start when I was pre-may 2005 when joined WebMD back then. lot changes since left WebMD board I have Diabetes now with a problem. some of you may know me still alive. I should have listened to most of you. I was very wrong. but I did 2 my self. I'm only one can blame. at the time think to get but want to say hello to everyone, but now I eat a little bit better-lost lot weight over years 132. 5"1 go Y walk lot because in 2012 I was bad Car Accident my best past way older lady. consumed by, Mental is much better now I'm calmer. I'm a lot medication now. that year 2012 I lost my parent both gone and best friend Myra. I have been through lost job and car now walk all over. My mom and Dad did leave any will they went bankrupt. I'm 44 years old now I am much better now than before but I don't anything lost my job parents Myra 2012 was a very bad year. now try to move up in my life. try to take care of diabetes now my friend still, junk food live in a small room PA still


  • 25 days ago

    RE: I have Diabtes now

    Welcome back Den/Bill. I remember you. This board has become very quiet and there are only a few of us who still post. I'm very happy to hear that you are taking better care of yourself. Being calmer and the weight loss are veryvery good for you. I'm proud of you that you are working hard.