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    A1c/Fasting Glucose:

    Weird blood results last three draws, all about 6 months apart (listed in order). About a 12hr fast.

    Fasting Glucose 108, A1c 5.3
    Fasting Glucose 108, A1c 5.4
    Fasting Glucose 109, A1c 5.4

    Accordingly, the glucose puts me smack in the prediabetic range, but the A1c is confusing.

    Me, tall/thin (BMI 22.5), age 48, exercise 4-5X week
    Eat extremely well due to cholesterol…if cardboard were a fruit group, I’d be all over it…



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    RE: A1c/Fasting Glucose:

    The tiny bit elevated fasting would indicate dawn phenomenon (liver dump during the night) but the normal a1cs indicate that your pancreas is still handing your post prandial spikes (spikes after meals) quite well.

    Try a small snack with a bit of carb and fat or protein (like a cracker or two with peanutbutter or cheese) and that can help short circuit the DP. Basically your numbers are very good,
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    RE: A1c/Fasting Glucose:

    Here's the "bottomline" (and, something I didn't know at the time) when I began my journey to reverse Type 2 Diabetes...

    Healthy people don't get colds, headaches, the flu or wheeze when the breathe.
    Healthy people don't experience pain of any kind on a routine basis.
    Healthy people don't wake up in the mornings, depressed, fatigued and can't get out of bed.
    Healthy people don't have rotting teeth or UTIs or constipation &/or diarrhea.
    Healthy people have little desire to eat food at restaurants of any kind, period, because the food they enjoy can't be found on a "menu".
    Healthy people often drink far more than 8 cups of water, a day.
    Healthy people generally get sleepy at the same time, everyday, and wake up without an alarm clock, roughly the same time, each morning.
    Healthy people often go, YEARS, maintaining roughly the same weight and same blood pressure.

    Once you achieve quality health and wellness, it becomes clear as day, black vs white, as to what is "normal" and what is "not normal". lol

    When I had Type 2 Diabetes, I thought at the time everything was "normal". Once I reversed my T2D, 12 years ago, it became obvious that the way I felt when I was diabetic was anything but "normal"...

    You think that diabetes is about blood sugar. You are, only, partly, right.

    When you become "unhealthy", your body loses it's ability to control and maintain "normal" blood glucose levels. But, since blood sugar levels have a profound and pervasive impact on all other regulatory systems in the human body (blood pressure, weight, emotional wellness, cancer prevention, etc, etc, etc), it doesn't take long before you're battling all kinds of unhealthful symptoms/issues at multiple fronts. If it wasn't for diabetes and high blood pressure in this country, we wouldn't have (nor, need) half the doctors we have, today.

    Remember: Your body wasn't diabetic for 90% of your life! Don't you want to know why? Aren't you the least bit curious as to, "Why, now?"

    Fretting about "fasting blood glucose" levels and "A1C" tells me, you, still, can't see the forest for the trees. You're missing the big picture...

    The good (or at least, better) health you enjoyed when you were younger "protected" you from all the stuff that "concerns" you, today.

    Sadly, this is the real cheesecake you will never enjoy if you try to "treat" T2 Diabetes. My friend, there are literally hundreds of factors that can raise/lower blood sugar levels! Doesn't that suggest to you just how complex and intricate the "fueling" system in the human body, actually, is?

    There's a simpler and infinitely more sensible solution to your problem.
    People are either blind, or, in denial.
    Health is a two way street that can be traveled in BOTH directions!

    If normal blood sugar levels and normal A1C is your wet dream, you best start following healthy people habits. That's what I learned a long time, ago. I can't remember the last time my finger saw the business end of a needle. All because I'm healthy, now.
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    RE: A1c/Fasting Glucose:

    You probably have had your doctor answer this for you by now but if your like me their information isn't for the average person.
    I wish I had your A1c and bgl's. Maybe one day I will. As others have said your bgl's are affected by everything, not eating, eating to much, stress, the liver, the thyroid, on and on. I'm not a doctor but your in perfect health... different charts put everyone at different levels and pre-diabetic, diabetic, or so called normal. So, if your doctor says your pre-diabetic then I must be dead with my numbers. I started out as 14.? and I'm down to 8.2. I need to get at or below 7 to have an operation (I've hit a plateau). My bgl's have high highs' and sometimes I go low (for me anything below 110) makes me feel like crap. Keep getting your bgl and A1c's regularly and if your staying about the same... don't worry about it.
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    RE: A1c/Fasting Glucose:

    Your A1c of 5.4 is the equivalent of blood glucose of 107
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    RE: A1c/Fasting Glucose:

    I was mistaken in my previous response. An A1c of 5.4 is the equivalent of BG of 114.