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    RE: Blood sugar high in morning

    How many factors actually affect blood glucose?
    (this writer listed, "only", 22 factors)

    42 Factors That Affect Blood Glucose?! A Surprising Update
    Here's a list of 42 factors...

    And, from my own personal experience, I could probably easily name over a 100 factors..., what does this say about your question?
    Ans: That without an in-depth study of your daily routines, habits, diet, environment and everyday "exposures", any response you get is just a wild guess (and, thus, useless).

    Now, that I given some "time and effort" towards responding to your question, I have one for you...

    "Have you ever thought about your life before Type 2 Diabetes?"
    "Have you ever thought, 'Why, now? Why do I have diabetes, today, but didn't have diabetes the 20, 30, 40, 60 years, prior?"
    "Have you ever thought about what things am I doing (and have been doing my entire life) that 'contributed' to my having diabetes, today?"

    the reason why I ask this is because.......

    If you've never asked yourself these questions, then, trying to "control
    your blood sugar" will be one, big, hit-and-miss, guessing-game, mystery-ride, from this point, forward. There are literally hundreds of factors (besides the two you know of) that can affect blood glucose levels!

    That's because high blood sugar is just a "sign" of diabetes. Trying to "control" a sign (aka, "symptom"), all the while, thinking that this will stop your diabetes from progressing, is PRECISELY, the deception the American medical profession wants you to buy into.

    For example, "treating" severe sun burn with calamine lotion does not cure/prevent future sun burns from occurring. It relieves it, sure, but you're only treating a painful "symptom" of sun burn. The "root cause" of sun burn is exposure to direct sunlight (for prolonged periods).

    Thus, your efforts would be better served by protecting your skin, when outdoors, rather than treating the sunburn (or, in the case of T2 diabetes, high blood sugar).

    Is that "really" what you wish to do? Would a BG reading of 100 in the morning "float your boat"?

    If so...good ruck with dat...