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    Is there hope?

    About a week ago my a1c reading was 7. 2 years earlier it was 6. I'm about 40lbs overweight and don't exercise much and have a terrible diet. I didn't listen. Now I WILL Exercise, lose weight and eat right. I also drink too much. I'm a binge drinker about twice a week. A pint of Canadian club each time. That will end. My question is: Seeing that I'm right at the limit high end and not over. Do you think I will be able to get my a1c under 7 in 3 months with a healthy low carb low sugar diet and plenty of exercise? Without meds. My glucose was 120. No family history of diabetes.
    All opinions will be appreciated. Thank You.


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    RE: Is there hope?

    Hello. There is absolutely help.

    I was diagnosed in 2001 with Type 2 Diabetes. I inconsistently made efforts to eat healthier, lose weight and control my Diabetes. At that time my HBA1C was 7.9 and I weight about 370 pounds.

    I did not take things very seriously but did manage to lose about 50 pounds by May 2014. The problem was my HBA1C In May 2014 was 9.5. I was already taking two types of oral medication (metformin and glyburide) so my doctor added insulin (levemir). That was a wake-up call and I started getting serious. I started eating properly (a diet consisting of more lean protein, vegetables, and far less carbohydrates and about 1500 calories per day) and tried getting as much exercise as I could with my serious spinal conditions. As the months went by my HBA1C started lowering. After 6 months I was able to stop the Levemir insulin as my HBA1C was 6.5. In June 2015 my HBA1C was 5.9 and I weighed about 280 pounds. My doctor advised me to eliminate the glyburide but continue all other efforts. In June 2016 my HBA1C was 6.2 and I weighed 249 pounds. Now I've gained a bit of weight back due to extreme personal stress but am back on track.

    NEVER give up. You can fully control Type 2 Diabetes with proper diet and exercise, aka a consistently healthy lifestyle.

    I pray you make the changes you need to get and stay healthy.

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        Thank Dave. Congratulations on your success. I'm exactly a1c 7.0. I will see the doctor in 2 weeks. I am hoping to bring down my a1c level with a new lifestyle. ie. A healthy low carb diet, no more high sugar drinks, lay off the alcohol and plenty of exercise. I'm 230 lbs. Should be 185 for my height and frame. I hope to do this, at least for now without meds. Give it 3 months. What do you think.? Thanks for responding. God bless you. Bbtok
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    RE: Is there hope?

    Assuming you are Type 2, a full reversal of your insulin resistance is entirely within the realm of possibility. I am recovering alcoholic (12+yrs dry) and I have not tested over 5.5 in the last 8 years.

    How long it will take "you", I haven't the foggiest...

    Interesting that your understanding of a "healthy" diet is "low carb, low sugar". Looks like you won't be eating beets...Or, bananas...Or, grapes...Or, brown rice...Or, oranges or blueberries...Or, black, pinto or azuki beans...Or, pumpkin...

    Carbs are some of the healthiest foods on the planet but because you have Diabetes, we shouldn't eat them. Is that your understanding? That logic, that would mean two things:

    1. Not all healthy foods should be eaten by diabetics, and
    2. The goal of all diabetics is to lower blood sugar.

    I'm not picking on you; most people on this board think exactly that.
    Now, you understand why I can't answer, "3 months". I don't share your logic.

    (note: all of my posts clearly specify "Type 2 Diabetes". The lifestyle recommendations, dietary restrictions, and treatment regimens are entirely different for Type 1 Diabetes.)
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        Thank you for your response Brunosbud and congrats on your 12+ years dry. It is type 2. I 'm new to this so maybe I'm somewhat naïve.
        I thought excessive carbs raised blood sugar. I thought the main idea was to watch carb intake, sugar intake, and exercise ( mine is walking briskly a mile or two daily. ) Is my logic skewed? Any further opinion is appreciated and thanks again for responding. I'll be seeing my doctor regarding this matter in about 2 weeks. Possibly talk to a registered dietitian. Bbtok
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        "I thought excessive carbs raised blood sugar. I thought the main idea was to watch carb intake, sugar intake, and exercise ( mine is walking briskly a mile or two daily." Think of T2D as a highway. The more weak your body is, ie. the further up the highway (the greater your resistance to insulin), the less controlled your blood sugar will be. I am well controlled, I already stopped drinking, long ago, I lost 40 extra pounds, long ago, I've walked 6 miles (13K steps), everyday, for the last 12 years...(cont)
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        (cont) for the last 12 yrs. Now, I can consume "carbs" till the cows come home and I'll be below 140 on the meter within 2 hrs, every time. You and I are at different points on the T2D "highway". Your blood sugar regulation will return as your health and fitness improves. Each individual's state of health is dynamic. Hope is there for the taking, my friend.
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        Thanks Brunosbud. I appreciate your responding. I like your philosophy. I guess hope is like when you come to a fork in the road.

        You take it. Take care, good luck.
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        Brunosbud, how do you control your BG and still consume "carbs
        till the cow's come home", is it just the exercise? Or do you take meds?
        You sound very knowledgable and have a handle on things. I thought
        the Idea was to reduce carb intake, sugar, fast foods and most processed foods. I'm a newbie and a little lost. I would appreciate your input. Thanks. Take care always.
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        bbtok, "I thought the idea was to reduce carb intake, sugar, fast foods and most processed foods..."
        ( http://www.ketogenic-diet-resource.com/high-carb-foods.html)
        To lose weight, I believe you need to eat fat, not carbs. Fats don't spike insulin the way carbs and, to a lesser extent, proteins, do. By eating more-fat-less-carb, you train your body to burn fat instead of glucose for energy. Why is this necessary? If you take a walk at the grocery store, it's not "glucose" that's spilling out the tops of blue jeans. (cont)...
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        I've lost all the weight. I've ALREADY ESTABLISHED my lifestyle that keeps me balanced and optimal. I am extremely disciplined in my daily routines. I don't deviate. &, I know what junk is and I don't eat or drink it.

        Talking about "diet" outside the context of "lifestyle" is pointless, imho. It's like saying, changing the oil, regularly, in a car is essential "maintenance". Sure, its important. But, if that's your entire focus in automobile preventative care, I guarantee you, you'll be on the side of the road calling AAA, eventually.
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        Brunosbud, sounds like you go it down for sure. I commend you on your disciplined lifestyle. I've been at it 5 weeks now. Gone from 232
        to 199. A LCHF diet. It's working. The ADA, which I don't put much if
        any credence in says 45 to 60 carbs per meal. I keep mine at 20 to 30
        carbs per meal. And I don't mean processed foods, nor fast foods.
        No soda of any kind, No cereal, No milk. Used to eat a bagel every
        morning. Wow, 52 gr of carbs.
        My next blood work is Dec 21. Want to lose another 15 lbs. by then.
        My goal is FBG from 120 to under 95. a1c from 7 to under 6 and
        continue on from there. I also walk about 2 miles per day.

        I really appreciate your input. I like your car analogy. Makes good
        sense. I know my numbers are high but not crazy high. I've heard
        Of people with FBG of over 250 and a1c of over 10 get it together.
        I'm trying to do it without Meds. No complications of any kind
        (yet) and I want to keep it that way. Hell I'm 69 years old and if
        I can get 10 more relatively good healthy years I'll take it.

        I take only 1 med. Losartan, once a day. BP med. Maybe with
        this weight loss and low carb diet I can get off that. Thanks
        again for your response. You are truly one to look up to
        in this crazy world of diabetes. Take care always.
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        Kudos on the 33 lbs, sir! Outstanding! &, good luck on the 6.0 and the next 15#s.

        Goals are great, don't get me wrong. But, whether you reach them, next month, next year, or whenever, you've already established two things, for sure...
        (1.) You're gonna be fine, and
        (2.) No doctor in the world can do more good than what we can do for ourselves.
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        Thanks Brunosbud for the encouragement . Your right, we are the
        captain of our own ship. Take care always.
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        A healthy diet is better than a bad one in any circumstance, though carbs are converted to glycogen so they should be eaten moderately if your diabetic.

        The key word I guess is moderation. You should look at a chart to see what this implies in your situation. To see how many carbs are you "allowed" to eat. https://www.toptensitereviews.club/halki-diabetes-remedy-review/