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    RE: BG stable after years on insulin

    The only constant thing about diabetes is the fact that things change. And sometimes, if you are lucky, things change for the better. You are probably simply at a point in your life where your body has reached (temporary) stability. Don't worry, as we age, things change again. Enjoy it while it lasts.
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    RE: BG stable after years on insulin

    Hormones control all metabolic processes in the body and hormonal levels are greatly effected by lifestyle and diet. Once hormonal levels become stabilized, body "vitals" become stable, too.

    ...Whoa! Who knew?!
    Like water level in a pond, the body, too, seeks to maintain homeostasis, ie. balance levels. What disrupts that balanced state? Hundreds of factors, but, here, are a few obvious ones...

    Activity levels
    Environment (temp, air quality, exposure to toxins, etc.)
    Water consumption
    Drugs (especially, prescription), alcohol, smoking
    Genetic factors

    If you weren't aware of all the factors that contribute to hormonal balance then, sorry, to say, your brief "hiatus" won't last, because you're not looking for improvement.

    My mom will be 96 in December. For the last 5 years, her weight hasn't changed. Her blood pressure hasn't risen. Her cholesterol levels are flat. She never gets sick. No meds. Very stable vision and hearing...In fact, her blood panel returns amazingly clean and consistent and her dr only shakes her head in disbelief, "Why?".

    Because, I'm her caregiver and I "control", to a large extent, her lifestyle and what she's exposed to on a daily basis. &, most any pinhead knows, once you have a winning hand, you don't change it!

    If you eat the same healthy foods, if you do the same things, each day, if you constantly drink green tea throughout the day, if you get the same amount of sleep each night. If you don't buy the ads that say, drinking a "little bit" of alcohol is good for you!...

    If you repeat, if you repeat, if you repeat, if you repeat...It's like shooting free throws. Your body operates on autopilot. Blood sugar regulation becomes "automatic". The way it was meant to be.

    I use to believe that only doctors could "save" our family from Type 2 Diabetes. But, after experiencing the sting of repeated grief of loss, I realized, "Hey, you don't "treat" T2D!
    You either, (A.) Avoid it, or, (B.) Reverse it!
    But, "treating" T2D is fantasy! It's the ultimate "bait and switch". It's fool's gold!

    When you "treat" T2D, the doctors, the hospitals, the Pharmaceutical companies, ALL, get "paid"! All the while, your blood sugar slowly, methodically rises.

    But, when you avoid T2 Diabetes or, reverse T2 Diabetes, you get "paid"! Your blood sugar regulates, normally, and the medical establishment has to place their index finger where the sun...

    I reversed my T2D over 12 years ago. My A1C has tested higher than 5.1 in the last 4 years & never higher than 5.5, the entire time. That's a winning hand I don't plan to change, ever.
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        ooops! "...My A1C has "not" tested higher than 5.1 in the last 4 years & never higher than 5.5, the entire time..."