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    Blood sugar diet

    I found out I had T2 diabetes in 2012.

    I've just started the (Michael Mosley) 8-week blood sugar diet - I discovered it after reading "Fixing Dad". For those who don't know about it, it's a low-carb, low calorie program that is based on the Mediterranean diet. After 8 weeks, you adapt it, sticking to the Mediterranean principles the whole week but only going low calorie for 2 days out of 7 per week. I'm on day 4 and finding it surprisingly easy. I haven't been hungry at all yet despite eating only 800 calories per day (my usual was probably 2500- 3000). I'm also feeling more energized than I have done for a very long time!

    Anyway, I'd be interested in hearing any suggestions or opinions you might have and I'll probably be dropping in regularly for support.


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    RE: Blood sugar diet

    Reversing Type 2 Diabetes is not hard...but, it takes time.

    People visit webmd diabetes community because they're concerned. Actually, they are, downright, worried. They are driven by fear because they are starting to observe manifestations of diabetes and their mind extrapolates to end stage diabetes...loss of vision, loss of kidneys, the pain of neuropathy, amputations, etc., etc...

    So, what would a fearful person do when faced with a diagnosis from their doctor of Type 2 diabetes? Act on the measly and meager knowledge they have of this disease...the 30 sec soundbite they've seen on the boobtube...

    Change their diet.

    The problem with this strategy is it's "limited". And, therefore, results from your effort to "fix" yourself will, probably, come more slowly.

    You're impatient because you're scared out of your mind. So, if you don't see an immediate reversal of the symptoms you're experiencing, right away, the likelihood of you giving up is very high. A perfect example of this conundrum: weight loss.

    Most patients have "heard" that weight loss, when overweight, almost always accompanies a lowering of A1C. So, if they lose weight, they should feel better and, in turn, get improved blood results.

    What 99% of these people don't understand is, how you lose weight, MATTERS.

    Yup, I saw the video, "Fixing Dad".
    Yes, he did change his diet.
    Yes, he did eat low carb.
    Yes, he did, eventually, lose weight.

    What you don't see is all the other things he was doing to improve his health besides change his diet and exercise, more. And, if you took a video of him, today, I'll bet you a million bucks he's eating "differently", now. And, he's doing "other things" a little differently, today, then, back, when the cameras were on him.

    That's because, anybody whose gone through the journey of reversing Type 2 Diabetes...like "Dad, &, like, myself, will tell you:

    It's not just about food.

    It's about improving your health.
    It's about improving your SLEEP.
    It's about drinking far more water than you ever thought possible.
    It's about looking at the entire spectrum of healthy foods on the planet and using them as your "arsenal" in fighting this disease.

    Low carb, low calorie is a nice beginning...it's a good starting place.

    But, Type 2 Diabetes is not, just, about blood sugar. High blood glucose is only a "symptom" of Type 2 Diabetes; it ain't the freakin cause! And, you would know this if you were to go deep down the rabbit hole and see the "BIG PICTURE". To understand, "You can't see the forest through the tress".

    This is the point your doctor will not be able to explain to you. This is the point why I laugh at the thought of taking drugs for Type 2 Diabetes. Your doctor, nor his silly drugs he prescribes, can not, in the end, IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH!

    Only by improving your health can you restore the complex and infinitely intricate ENERGY (Blood Sugar) management system in the human body. This is beyond even the most genius doctors on the planet to control, let alone scared little rabbits who visualize only end of the world scenarios...

    If you go down the rabbit hole, you will come out "transformed". Like Fixing Dad. Like me.

    And, you will shake your head in frustration and say, "If these fools only knew just how simple it is to rid yourself of the fear of ALL chronic inflammatory disease."

    ...and, that "diet" represents only, just, one source of inflammation!

    The beauty of diabetes is it's not like when your car won't start in the morning and you call a mechanic and have him fix it.

    With Type 2 Diabetes, there aint nobody to call. You have to get your hands dirty. And, most folks simply just don't have the stones for the job.
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        FWIW, I have done a LOT of research into reversing diabetes. I am well aware that it isn't just about "a diet". I am also neither afraid nor impatient. I came here to share, not to be talked down to.

        Frankly, you sound as if you're trying to discourage me - is that your intention? Well, it won't work.
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        "...Frankly, you sound as if you're trying to discourage me - is that your intention...?"
        What difference does it make whatever MY intentions? All that matters is, "what are you gonna do?"

        "...Well, it won't work..."
        Good! Get mad! That's precisely how I felt after I buried my Dad!

        One last thing...
        After all said and done, the most gratifying thing about Type 2 Diabetes "Reversal" has little to do with me. That's because, the "chain" has been broken.

        Besides my father, all his siblings (4) died from diabetes

        ...and, now, my children (and their children) have a "blueprint". If they don't want to worry about T2D, they got a choice. With every inflammatory lifestyle diseases, you either "avoid" it or "reverse" it! (In 2017, the US spent a quarter trillion in "treating" diabetes and related complications. Doctors don't talk "down" to their geese that lay golden...)

        I'm sorry you don't like what I've said. I didn't say it for your benefit. I just want kids, all kids, to have options. Good ruck, buttercup!
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        Winterglow, I'm really sorry that you feel Bruno was "talking down" to you. He gives versions of what he said to you in the hopes of encouraging people that they can have great success and he tells everyone who posts along the lines you did. Not everyone, in fact most do not, know as much as you apparently do.

        It wasn't very nice to attack him that way.

        Brunosbud, keep telling your story.

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        Thanks Cora...

        Truth is, I don't mind, in the least, what Winterglow had to say. She was being honest and, I appreciate her "effort" to reply.

        I've responded to probably several thousand posters over my many, many years, here, at webmd/diabetes. Less than 1% actually have the common courtesy and decency to reply to my comments! They don't like what I say, &/or, how I say it, so, they feel "justified" in not replying.

        My parents taught me to always say "thank you" if somebody takes the time and "effort" to offer help...
        ...whether, you agree with said help, or, not.

        Everybody likes to hear the words, "thank you", but I'll take honest "effort", morning, noon and night!

        So, Winterglow, give your parents a hug. They did you, right, because, sad but true, you're 1 in a 100.

        Unfortunately, this is what's become of Americans, today. Nobody raises a finger for free, anymore.
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    RE: Blood sugar diet

    I have not heard of this diet, but I would like to try it & will look it up online.
      • 5 months ago
        I did it (still following the "rules") and my A1c dropped to 5.2 and hasn't risen since. My doc has taken me off Metformin.
      • 1 month ago
        Any Suggestions for weight gain while keeping a low carb diet for t2?
      • 1 month ago
        There are so many lifestyle "diseases" impacted by "Insulin Resistance". You name it, it has a co-relationship to I.R..

        Type 2 Diabetes? Yes
        Hypertension? Yes
        Dyslipidemia? Yes
        Heart Disease? Yes
        Cancer? Yes
        COPD? Yes
        Obesity? Yes

        When you "reverse" your Type 2 Diabetes (without drugs), your body is modulating normal insulin levels and your liver is adding back blood glucose back to the bloodstream as god intended. Less, I remind you all the decades your body performed at normal efficiency in the regulation of blood sugar?

        What's the point? Once you've regain normal regulation of insulin sensitivity, blood sugar is just one of a myriad of key vitals that become normalized, to boot. Your body equilibrates, becomes balanced.

        If you're off metformin and your blood sugars stabilize at normal levels for several years, your body weight will do, likewise. You will feel good and your weight won't fluctuate than a few pounds, daily.

        That's the "beauty" of T2D. Once you beat it, you will be awed at just how incredible the human body is at protecting us from attack or disease. You take care of your body and practice preventative medicine fundamentals, your body will take care of you. You don't take care of your body, your body will make you pay for for your "crimes". You don't "treat" T2D with drugs! You never allow yourself to get to that point in the first place!

        All these people fixated on controlling blood sugar (or A1C) can't see the forest for the trees. The doctors prescribe diabetes drugs for the simple reason, they can't dictate to patients what to eat, what to drink or how much exercise they will do each day. They can't mandate lifestyle so that their patients can AVOID T2D, cancer, arthritis, kidney or heart disease, all together! So what's left for them to do? DRUGS (to treat or quiet symptoms). This is why I never donate towards cancer or diabetes research. Because, they can research, spend (our) trillions up the wazoo but there will never be a "treatment" that can heal these diseases regardless what lifestyle us "fools" decide is "best"!

        Your goal should be to get off the drugs, whatever way possible, as soon as possible. And, if successful, your eyes will be opened, for good.